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A Cat Analogy

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

What can I say, I love cats. I’ve been loving cats since ever.

I love their furry limber bodies, I love the way they yield to the ground and then jump three or more times their height.

I love their confidence in their selves, the fact that they don’t try too hard to get affection, the way that they are just there, not looking for an approval from anyone. They just BE.

They show affection their own way and whenever it suits them. Nobody expects from a cat to show affection, therefor nobody gets disappointed. But you still get tones of love from them, and most of all, give tones of love. What a great relationship!

What would it be like if we let our friends and partners be who they are, no expectations, and cut out all the drama around it? How simple and wonderful relationships then could be?

It doesn’t mean letting your partner to step all over you, or to be unkind. It does mean that you don’t have to diminish yourself for the other, nor expect something from them which they can’t deliver, get disappointed and create a drama around it.

Don’t get into a relationship and expect your partner to change later on – it might not be their choice. Look at your friend or partner. See who he or she really is. You may see something beautiful and choose to engage with them, with who they really are. This is kindness both to your partner and to yourself.

As for cats? Cats will be the fuzzy, purring, sometimes crazy cuties they are :)


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