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Updated: Jun 20, 2020

I was driving my car this morning, and this song was playing on the radio. it was “Help” by The Beatles. As usual, I found myself singing with the radio. When I got to the line: “help me if you can I’m feeling down” I heard myself singing: “Help me if you can I’m feeling fine”. That was funny. Note taken to myself to correct it in the next chorus. Then came the second chorus, and I did it again! Help me if you can I’m feeling fine!

What do you say about that??

I was unintentionally going beyond my brain and singing what was actually true! I was not feeling down! I was fine!

What do you want to take from this?

First - Don’t believe old programming running around in your brain. Go beyond your brain, allow the flux of actual truths to reach the surface.

Second - Don’t try to correct yourself (like I almost did …) and align with the old programming. It is old! Acknowledge what’s actually there now!

And third - Sing as load as you can 😊


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