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Receive with All Your Senses

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

This is the view from where I regularly give Access Consciousness© Body processes classes. I come here once a month to facilitate a different energetic body process, to give the bodies what they require, to help connect people to the miraculous yet so simple knowing of their bodies.

It is way more fun to have this kind of class in such a beautiful place, submerged in nature. But there’s more to it then just fun, and more to it then just offering a great location to pull in more participants.

This location is a huge contribution to the body, even before the class begins. People come, they step out of their cars into the fresh air, all the senses are picking up on something, and receiving begins instantaneously:

The beautiful scenery

The sound of the birds singing

The smell of the fresh greenery

The taste of the healthy yummy foods soon to be tasted :)

And finally…

The gentle touch of bodies

And beyond those so called normal senses:


When was the last time you received? When was the last time you received with all your senses, normal and para-normal? When was the last time you received from everything around you?

Don’t wait too long. Your body and spirit require it!


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