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I feel the earth move under my feet…

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Grounding – the first way to be present with yourself through your body!

We have already talked about attending your body (if you haven’t read yet go here), but how to do it? What is the benefit from it?

Well, there are many ways and many benefits, I will first address one very basic aspect: grounding.

What is grounding? As simple as it sounds: creating a connection to the ground. You stand on the ground, walk on it, but have you noticed to the quality of this contact with the ground?

What's it good for?

When you sense the connection to the ground it immediately provides you with a sense of focus and presence. You probably know people who are sort of spaced out, not quite noticing what’s going on around them. Maybe you experience it frequently yourself or have moments of as if you’re not being here. This is lack of presence – sometimes it’s nice just to space out, but often it keeps you out of focus and most importantly out of yourself.

To fully grasp this, imagine a tree. The tree is well connected to the ground through it’s roots. As the roots go deeper and wider into the ground, so the tree top can grow higher and spread wider. It’s a kind of tree that will provide shadow, inviting people to lean over it’s trunk. A kind of tree that would be strong, well rooted into the ground and won’t break with every breeze.

If you are grounded, you will gain those qualities: you’ll be fully present, ready to be and act. This is so simple but has huge magnitude. If you are a parent your kids will sense this and they will feel they have someone to lean on, they will feel supported and protected. This is also true if you are leading other people or managing them at your work place, you will empower other people just by your own presence.

How to do it? how to be grounded?

Practice it with your body:

1. Stand with your legs slightly spread. Notice your feet on the ground.

2. Lift your right heel, feel the weight of the body shifting to the left foot, return the right heel to it’s original spot.

3. Lift your left heel, feel the weight of the body shifting to the right foot, return the left heel to it’s original spot.

4. Lift your toes, feel the rest of the feet still on the ground, return the toes to the ground, feel the toes re-touching the ground. Notice the sensation of the entire feet on the ground for a moment longer.

Practice this once a day. in addition, notice the feet touching the ground, reestablish this connection, emphasize it, every chance you have during the day, like when you’re standing in line waiting for something.

It will change your sense of presence and how you walk around in the world.


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