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How to create Miracles

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

What is your definition of a miracle? Is it something out of the ordinary? Something that does not obey the rules of science? Something that occurs but doesn’t suppose to? Something that happens way to fast than it should be?

Well, maybe. Maybe not. What I know is that we can create and invite almost everything, miracles included.

How to do it?

ASK. Ask and then LET GO.

If you wish for something to occur, to summon something into your life, first you should ask for it. Ask the universe to assist you, ask the universe for help.

Don’t destroy what you want to ask for before even starting to ask, by doubting the chances for it to happen. “Oh, this will probably won’t happen, but I’ll ask anyway”. Or “I want this, but I don’t deserve it” (Ah... yes you do). Don't destroy it by thinking "This would be a miracle, and miracles rarely happen, so it won't work". Will you let go of all the definitions you have about what a miracle is and whether miracles can happen to you or not? thank you.

Now, when you ask for it, don’t time limit it. Ask and wait to see what happens. I asked for things in the past, sometime they showed up instantaneously, and other times it took longer for them to actualize, but they still did.

After you ask, after you created this space by asking, let go. Most of the times, when you’re too eager, pushing too hard towards something, the exact opposite happens and nothing of what you asked for is showing up.

To summarize

Ask without doubting, ask for the universe to help you with this, and let go. Allow the universe to supply. Allow the miracle to occur in a way you never imagined.


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