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For Nature

How wonderful it is to live in a house like this, knowing that you’re being constantly hugged by nature. Living and creating your daily life inside, whilst outside another form of life is growing. Coloring your life with your choices, while the leaves are changing their colors.

If you open the window and look outside, you will obviously see the street and other buildings, but you’ll also see green and pink. You’ll hear the hustle of hurrying vehicles, but in between you’ll hear the sound of the rustling leaves in the wind. And that will also make you notice the caress of the wind and the smell of the miraculous nature, that not only manages to exist in the city, but also to thrive and to be gloriously beautiful.

Give nature the slightest crack of possibilities, and it will burst out.

Between pavements of cobblestone, from beneath unamended paved roads, from tiny holes in the walls. Greenery will always emerge, when water touches the soil.

What if we could give nature the crack of possibilities anywhere and everywhere we can.

Plant a tree or a flower, Recycle, invent something for and with this planet, pollute less, purchase less, lye down on the grass and commune with the earth, touch a tree, step barefoot on the ground, laugh a lot and spread your joy while doing so.

Choose something for nature. Today.


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