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Every breath you take

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

We already talked about how a simple attention to your breath can help you focus, connect to your inner sense of being and relax. Go here for a reminder.

Now, after practicing that for a while, there’s more awareness breathing can offer.

Try this exercise:

Pay attention to your normal breath for a couple of minutes.

Now lengthen the exhalation a bit, and then inhale.

Next time you exhale, extend the letting go of air a little more... maybe the following inhalation can also grow a little longer.

Continue doing so until you reach a prolonged, yet comfortable breath.

This is an invitation for the breath to grow longer, there’s no need to over do it. If you feel stressed don’t take such long breaths, shorten them back till it’s no longer stressful.

Now that your breaths are prolonged, keep on breathing this way and see what it creates for you and your body

How does it feel, now that more oxygen gets into the body, that more lung space is used, that more space inside the body is created? Does it make you more alert? More present? More relaxed?

How does it feel to be able to control and play with your breath, to step out of the autopilot and breathe differently than when you started the exercise?

This breathing exercise can be as simple as I described, and you’ll benefit while practicing it and also a while after – you can gain relaxation, you’ll be more connected and more vibrant. That is wonderful.

Those breathing exercises have even more into them. want to find out?

This exercise is a good example of looking at what breathing with awareness creates, and then applying it into your life. In this one, you step out of the autopilot and breathe differently, right? Once you’ve experienced that with your breath, the most basic bodily function, it is now available for you to apply in other areas of your life.

Pause for a minute, invite some awareness, and see where in your life you’re functioning from autopilot. Now that you’re aware of it, you can choose to act or do some of those things differently, you can be different there. Like if your breath was short or shallow, and by stepping out of autopilot and being aware of that you were able to lengthen and deepen it, you can do the same in other areas in your life.

Be aware, and then see if something needs to be done differently. Functioning out of autopilot can bring so much into your life.

Play with this breathing exercise, gain relaxation and vibrancy, and if you wish go farther with it and invite more awareness and therefore invite more into your life.

***You can listen to me guiding you through another breathing exercise on my Home page HERE! Just scroll down and press PLAY on The Rhythm of the Waves and Breath meditation***


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